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Endpoint and data discovery

Up-to-Date Endpoint & Data Discovery

Get an up-to-date understanding of endpoints, data, and cross-service dependencies throughout your system, without having to instrument services individually. Simply drop the Akita agent onto your network, or into your Kubernetes clusters.
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Automatically Generating the Graphs that Live In Developers’ Heads
API Monitoring

API monitoring

Akita can monitor any service in CI/CD, staging, or production, and summarize traffic to allow you to explore per-endpoint behavior.
API spec generation

Simple metrics



Data types, data formats, response codes

Identification of data formats and sensitive data
API traffic log
Breaking change detection

Automated Regression Detection

Identify potential breaking and security-critical changes, by comparing API models in CI/CD, staging or production. Automatic alerting, detection through structured modeling, and the ability to detect issues pre-production, combine in this powerful feature.
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Modeling API Traffic to Catch Breaking Changes

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