Jul 19, 2023
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Announcing Akita Has Joined Postman

Jean Yang
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We are excited to announce that Akita has joined Postman to further our vision of making it easy for any developer to understand the behavior of their own production software.

A few years ago, the goal of helping developers make sense of their own APIs was compelling enough for me to leave my tenure-track position at Carnegie Mellon University to start Akita. Over the last few years, my team and I have built the fastest, easiest way to see what APIs you have, what’s slow, and what’s throwing errors—based on your production API traffic.

When Postman CEO Abhinav Asthana reached out in 2021, we immediately saw that we had the same goal: to provide practical solutions to real, sometimes underserved, problems that software teams face across the industry. Watching Postman execute as they have grown to over 25 million users has made it incredibly compelling to accelerate Akita’s capabilities by building with them.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Akita has become a part of Postman. To our existing users: support for the Akita app will continue uninterrupted until we provide migration options on the Postman API Platform. To begin with, Akita will be integrating our capabilities of drop-in discovery and monitoring with the Postman Collections infrastructure for calling, documenting, and testing APIs with teams. For existing Akita users and those interested in trying out our first integration, please sign up to try the beta here. Stay tuned for more.

The rise of APIs has fundamentally changed the software development process. More and more testing has moved to production. Intended behavior is now based on observed behavior. More and more, the only way for teams to figure out even what’s running is by inspecting production. We need new tools that meet developers where they are: not just for building the first draft of software, but for debugging, maintenance, and the nth draft.

We’d like to thank our users for believing in our vision and working with us to build the API observability tool they love to use. We also could not have gotten here without our investors (thank you Martin Casado at Andreessen-Horowitz, Mike Vernal at Sequoia, Elad Gil, Harpoon Ventures, and others), advisors, and former team members. Finally, I would like to give a shoutout to our investor Kevin Durant of Thirty Five Ventures, who I still hope to meet one day. Go Suns.

Read Postman CEO Abhinav Asthana’s blog post about the acquisition here. See you at Postman!

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