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We empower development teams and enable them to easily run Akita across their services. Use Akita in each stage of development and catch issues early. The only observability tool to build API behaviour models, Akita enables API-centric system monitoring and allows users to automatically detect breaking changes.

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“Breaking backward compatibility in an API is unfortunately very easy, and is sometimes difficult to catch. I'm excited about how Akita’s automatic detection helps us catch these breaking changes before shipping the API to the users!”
Sébastien Portebois
Software Architect, Ubisoft
Catch Breaking Changes

Catch breaking changes on every pull request

The rise of SaaS and APIs means that the scope of source code diffs and code-level analyses is continually being reduced. Akita enables software teams to detect behavioral regression as early as the test stage. Do more than simply ‘testing’ in your production environment.

Run Akita as early as test and catch issues sooner.

Akita builds API models, allowing teams to discover problems automatically.

Observing API Behavior

Understand what’s going on with your systems at the API level

Building a picture of what’s happening with each API requires devs to wade through numerous logs and traces, a huge tax on their precious time.

By presenting API behavior models and metrics per-endpoint, Akita makes it easier to identify and fix issues.

Integrate Akita as early as CI to connect observed behavior changes in staging and production to pull requests.

Low-friction visibility

Continually map your API behavior

It’s more difficult than ever for engineering leaders and security teams to know: what endpoints they have; what data those endpoints are dealing with; and when those endpoints change. Akita allows you to quickly gain the full picture of your system, through a method that is always low-friction and low-risk.

Onboard multiple services at speed without any need to change code. Our low-friction and low-risk method simply works by watching API traffic.

Akita makes absorbing and understanding network information simple, by building explicit models of your API behavior. We remove the labor of trawling through raw metrics, logs and traces.

Why Akita is Different

Visualize, Map and Manage Across Your Service Ecosystem

Low-Friction, Low-Risk Deployment

Akita works by passively watching API traffic, sending only obfuscated requests and responses back to our servers. We designed Akita to be:
Lightweight to install across your services

Get per-endpoint information, without having to change your code.

Low-footprint monitoring

Run Akita in test, isolated from prod deployments, or for passive monitoring in your production environment.

Secure monitoring

Our agent collects obfuscated requests and responses and operates using only request/response metadata in the cloud. Through employing this method, we remove any need to access your sensitive data.

Run Flexibly in Test, Staging & Production

By modeling API behavior uniformly at the request/response level, Akita enables you to easily understand your system behavior and catch issues early.
Catch issues early

Akita catches behavioural changes as early as CI: added/removed/modified endpoints; changes to data types and data formats; implicit contracts to come.

Quickly discover endpoints and data

Through passively watching traffic, Akita quickly provides a clear picture of what is happening across your entire system.

Enabled by API Behavior

Akita API behaviour models enable per-endpoint metrics and regression detection. Find and fix issues as early as possible. Structured modeling of an API allows users to automatically summarize and compare API behavior.
Automatically catch breaking changes

Just from watching traffic, Akita builds models of endpoints, fields, precise data types, performance, and more.

Catch drift between specification and implementation

Akita builds API models from existing API traffic, which allows users to easily compare specifications with observed behavior from test, staging or production.

“One of the things I’m excited about with Akita is involving our developers in security testing in an accessible way.”
Erin Browning
Security Engineer
"Akita is a product with a lot of potential. It allows you to inspect how services are communicating in practice, with minimal effort from developers."
Bruno Félix
CTO, Waterdog
“Being able to quickly show people what’s going on with our APIs and services - without having to document it ourselves - is huge.”
Donald Tyler
Tech Lead, HealthLabs

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