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Built for busy developer teams who don't have time to become experts in monitoring and observability, Akita makes it possible to quickly track API endpoints and their usage in real time.

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Automatically understand APIs

Traffic-based endpoint discovery

Akita tells you all about your API endpoints. It’s easy. Install Akita and you’ll get all the information you require, without the hassle of manually annotating your code or writing API specs.

Akita informs you of:

What your endpoints are, including automatically inferring path parameters.

Data types, response types, error codes.

Authentications and more.

Quickly understand API changes

API monitoring

Akita handles the full complexity of monitoring your API and constantly keeps you updated.

Get per-endpoint metrics, errors, and alerts just by giving the Akita agent permission to watch API traffic.

No need to use an SDK, instrument code, or create your own custom dashboards.

Understand your API graph

Quickly understand the impact of changes

Akita enables you to easily understand the impact of any changes made to your system.

Easily keep track of the endpoints you care about.

Quickly identify how new deployments impact your endpoints and traffic.

In a startup environment, quickly understanding and taking action upon possible bottlenecks are more important than having the perfect observability and monitoring implementation.
Akita sure has given the knowledge and solution to be able to handle this path in a fast, easy, and convenient way."
Guilherme Mori
CTO, zMatch
Akita has been really easy to set up for API monitoring compared to other APM solutions.
No outdated SDKs or endless pages of install instructions for one tool after another."
Kunal Kundu
Software Engineer at Verak (YC W21)
Akita gives us a unique kind of observability
that lets us see what our API is really doing, knowledge that our engineers can use to cut through years of legacy and rapidly make improvements.”
Nick Scheiblauer
Senior Engineering Manager, Flickr
Akita will be very impactful for teams that need to understand software systems built by large, evolving teams.
At UKG, we have observability issues common to companies who have been around for a while. I’m excited about how Akita provides drop-in observability, without needing to change code."
Ken Barclay
Lead SRE, Ultimate Kronos Group
Being able to quickly show people what’s going on with our APIs and services
without having to document it ourselves - is huge."
Donald Tyler
Tech Lead, HealthLabs
Drop anywhere. Observe anything.

Let Akita watch your APIs for you

Low-friction, low-risk deployment

Akita works by passively watching API traffic, making it possible to run Akita easily across your services, without changing code or using a proxy.

Continuously model your API endpoints

Automatically get a searchable, explorable, and up-to-date summary of your active API endpoints and the traffic going across them.

Quickly see the impact of changes

Akita models API behavior to identify, help validate, and catch the API changes that matter most to you.

Connect Your Favorites

Our eBPF-based approach works with any language
Run on any cloud
Run with any deployment

Help Us Build the Future of API Observability

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