Easier Observability. Faster Shipping.

Designed for any developer or SRE, Akita delivers observability without the complexity. No code changes. No frameworks. Just deploy, observe, and learn. Solve issues quicker and ship faster.

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“Akita gives us a unique kind of observability that lets us see what our API is really doing, knowledge that our engineers can use to cut through years of legacy and rapidly make improvements.”
Nick Scheiblauer
Senior Engineering Manager, Flickr
Automate observability

Find and fix bugs faster

Understand your systems without needing to instrument each service one by one.

Integrate Akita simply by allowing our agent to watch your traffic.

Rely on our inference algorithms to tell you about API behaviors and inform you when they change.

Understand your API graph

behavior across
your services, without all the work

Drop Akita into your system to understand how your services are talking to each other.

See what services you have in your system, without having to onboard service-by-service.

Akita maps out how services are talking to each other, enabling you to catch cross-service issues faster.

Swiftly identify root cause issues

Use our API graph models to debug faster

Akita helps you identify the cause of issues by modeling API behavior and mapping out how services are interacting with each other.

Akita builds models of your API endpoints and their behavior, allowing you to discover breaking changes faster.

Akita helps you debug latency issues and errors by showing you what has changed within your service graph.

Observe more. Work less.

Deploy. Observe. Ship.

Low-friction, low-risk deployment

Akita works by passively watching API traffic, making it possible to run Akita easily across your services, without changing code or using a proxy.

Monitor the service graph

Easily deploy Akita across your services to understand how your system is working as a whole.

Automate understanding with API behavioral models

Transparent modeling of the API graph makes understanding and comparing endpoint behavior easy.

Catch breaking changes automatically

API behavior modeling makes it possible to catch the regressions that matter most.
“At UKG, we have observability issues common to companies who have been around for a while. I’m excited about how Akita provides drop-in observability, without needing to change code.
Akita will be very impactful for teams that need to understand software systems built by large, evolving teams."
Ken Barclay
Lead SRE, Ultimate Kronos Group
“Breaking backward compatibility in an API is unfortunately very easy, and is sometimes difficult to catch.
I'm excited about how Akita’s automatic detection helps us catch these breaking changes before shipping the API to the users!”
Sébastien Portebois
Software Architect, Ubisoft
“Being able to quickly show people what’s going on with our APIs and services - without having to document it ourselves - is huge.”
Donald Tyler
Tech Lead, HealthLabs

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