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How Akita Works

Akita uses eBPF and state-of-the-art API traffic modeling algorithms to power a drop-in solution for understanding API behavior.

Passive Monitoring

Our low-friction deployment model is based on passively monitoring API traffic via eBBF. The Akita agent uses network sniffing to pick up traffic across your services, so you don’t need to change your code or proxy.

API Modeling

Akita automatically infers endpoint-centric properties about your APIs, from endpoint structure, to data format, to performance information. Our unique method enables you to understand your service behavior, without having to instrument code or integrate libraries.

Automatically Detect Breaking Changes

Akita’s API models make it possible to automatically detect changes to endpoint structure, data formats, and more. Catch breaking changes, without requiring your developers to annotate code or APIs.

Run Akita Anywhere

Drop-In Solution

We use eBPF to passively listen to network traffic, so dropping Akita into your systems is fast and easy. No code changes, library inclusions, or proxying necessary.


Watching traffic at a network level enables Akita to work with any programming language.


Akita’s current protocols:

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Clouds, Platforms & Containers

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Microsoft Azure

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