Akita has gotten acquired by Postman. Read more about it here.

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Understanding production behavior is growing more and more important to developer experience. Join us to build the future of observability as we transition from R&D to product delivery. Proudly remote-first.

Who We Are Looking For

You’re a scrappy self-starter excited about joining a world-class R&D team of former founders and PhDs. You love what we are doing, share our passion, and are ready to make an impact.

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You love solving hard technical problems
You’re looking for a fast-paced work environment
You’re excited about working with sharp engineers

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You love a good R&D problem
You’re excited about opportunities in the observability space
Great developer experience is important to you
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How Hiring Works at Akita

Stage 1: Getting to Know You

Everyone does their best work when their skills and passion find the right home. At Akita, hiring starts with two phone screens. In the first, we’ll learn about what motivates you and your compatibility with our team. The second is focused on exploring your work experience.

Stage 2: Working Together

The best way to see if we work well together is to work together. You’ll participate in hands-on exercises that enable you to showcase various aspects of your skillset. For example, a backend engineer may work on a debugging or open-ended demo building exercise.

Stage 3: Deep Dive

We care as much about the way you love to work as we do about your capabilities. In this final stage, we’ll talk in depth about your previous achievements and how you work in a team. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to ask us questions.
Why Akita is Different

Why Akita is Right for You

You Dig Our Dream

As APIs and microservices make it easier and easier to build complex software systems, more and more developers are struggling to keep their systems up and running within their given timeframes. Akita is alleviating pressure by making observability accessible to 99% of developers.
Mark Gritter Founding Engineer of Akita

You Love a Challenge

We’re watching network traffic via eBPF, parsing traffic to automatically infer API models and insights, in almost real-time, and delivering this information to developers in a digestible way. Yep, we tackle tough engineering and UX challenges everyday.
Mark Gritter and Cole Schlesinger talking to each other

You Want to Join a Fast & Agile Team

We are a tight-knit and deeply collaborative team. Everyone is a decision-maker, and each one of us has the power to make an immediate impact. No long drawn-out deadlines. At Akita, deadlines are hourly, weekly, and monthly.

Life At Akita

Our Principles

Give Developers
What They Need

Everything we build is in the service of making observability easier for developers.

Ship & Iterate Quickly

Our shipping deadlines are measured in days and weeks, rather than months or years. We move, get feedback, and progress fast.

Everyone Makes an Impact

At Akita, we all have the power to make a huge impact. If you’re looking for a place where your hard work gets directly in front of users almost immediately, look no further.

Our Guiding Philosophies

Our guiding philosophies help us create an environment where everyone can do their best work while feeling at home.

Move Fast

We’re a team of dedicated and impatient builders. Once we’ve agreed on what we are going to do, we move forward and we move fast.

Prioritize Aggressively

We make the best use of the time we have by continuously and aggressively prioritizing our objectives.

Make Decisions Quickly

We make decisions based on the data that is currently available, pushing forward without delay.

Be Deliberate & Forthcoming

We value being deliberate and discussing things up front, including where we cut corners and where we take on tech debt. We believe that the right amount of process helps us move faster.

Constantly Improving

We work hard to get better and to enhance our products and services. Every Wednesday, we review all of the product feedback from the past week. Every Friday, we have a candid review of our planning, communication, and work execution. We identify explicit improvements and put them into action – immediately.

Care & Share

During daily standup, everyone gives personal as well as work updates. We understand that even though work is a major part of all of our lives, there's more to everybody to appreciate and get to know.

Diverse & Inclusive

We strive to ensure that Akita remains open to all and continues to benefit from being a collective of like-minded people from all walks of life. Collaborative activities exploring diversity and inclusion and quarterly reviews ensure they are always front of mind.

Fun is Essential

Fun is super important at Akita. Work shouldn't be a chore. It should be a series of experiences that you find fun.It should be loaded with the things you are passionate about and love doing. If you are reading about what we do and think it sounds fun – we’d love to hear from you.

Random Good Times

When we say "fun" is important to us, we mean both during and outside of work. We may be remote-first, but we have a lot of fun virtually and when we get together for our quarterly off-sites.
AkitaJean Yang founder and CEO of Akita

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Akita has gotten acquired by Postman. Read more about it here.