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Help us build the future of observability tools and reshape the developer experience. Join a small but growing team with huge ambitions. Proudly remote-first.
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Frontend Engineer

You're excited about helping developers visualize and find the data they need to ship code fast.
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Product Engineer

You're a builder who is excited about helping every developer understand their systems.
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Backend Engineer

You love a good systems programming problem and are excited about helping developers.
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The Akita Way

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Bring It On!

We look for dedicated people who can contribute unique ideas, thoughts and ways of thinking. We seek people who will make powerful contributions to our products and culture. At Akita, we celebrate, cultivate, and are inspired by each other's drive and passion. Go on. Let it out!
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Small is Big

Hey, we're a small team, but boy, are we tough. At Akita, small means close collaboration and fast feedback. Small means shipping and iterating, not getting things perfect the first time. At Akita, small is big.
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The Power to Act

Actions work harder than words. Decision-making rather than consensus. At Akita, we discuss goals and priorities upfront so that everyone has the power to act quickly. Everyone is a leader, regardless of their role.
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Why Akita is Different

Is Akita Right for You?

A Dev’s Best Friend

You’re excited about the opportunity to deliver a fantastic developer experience. When it comes to the tools you use for your craft, your opinions are strong and your knowledge is deep. The chance to build tools that make developers more productive sparks your passion and imagination.
Mark Gritter Founding Engineer of Akita

Scrappy Doers

We meet each challenge with our sleeves rolled-up. We battle adversity as a team and overcome it through our shared will. Everyone at Akita is both scrappy and a doer.
Mark Gritter and Cole Schlesinger talking to each other

Hard = Fun

You take on tough problems like a dog to water. For you, the bigger the challenge, the greater the reward. It might take a while to reach the solution, but you find the journey exciting and fun.
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