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Forging a new path is never easy. We’re grateful to the people who “get it” early that we need a new kind of solution for understanding modern software systems.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us. Here’s some of what people have been saying.

Ok I checked out @AkitaSoftware and they are doing some stuff. Using gopacket(with ebpf magic) to sniff api traffic and their console has got some nice visualisation. The oas spec generator is pretty groovy. And Yes dark mode . Going to fiddle more –great stuff folks!

Jose Haro Peralta
Author of Developing Microservices with Python

Let's be honest, #API integrations are hard, and despite all the care and testing, they'll fail at some point.

That's where @AkitaSoftware comes in to help. They analyze your API traffic and give you visibility of what's going wrong.

Check it out

Alexander Seville
VPE at Flickr

I'm so excited for the partnership with Akita Software that Nick Scheiblauer has been driving.

Not only will this work help make our product and systems more reliable, it will also help third party developers who rely upon the Flickr API working predictably!

David Calevera
CTO, Netlify

Akita is one of the most interesting startups in the dev tools space that I’ve seen lately.

Irwin Williams
Chief Software Engineer, Teleios Systems

I was floored by the what @jeanqasaur from @AkitaSoftware, was doing with monitoring network traffic - generating API docs. #ObservabilityInTheNicOfTime

Gergely Orosz
Author, The Pragmatic Engineer

What @jeanqasaur is building with @AkitaSoftware is worth following. A different approach, starting with not startups or earliest adopters.

Phil Sturgeon
Product Manager, Stoplight

We wrote before about some slightly hacky ways to create OpenAPI from things like Postman Collections, using JSON to JSON Schema converters, and a whole lot of mucking about, but thankfully these days there are far nicer solutions around. One especially smooth tool is Akita!

Yang Zhang
CTO, Plasmic

So excited to have been an early user! Congrats on the launch @jeanqasaur and team!!

Dave Golderberg
Senior Director, Platform Products, Capital One

Not sure when Akita was founded but they employ the kind of approach I used to dream about. Very cool.

Amy Huang
Software Engineer, Microsoft

scale = risk

keeping an eye on @AkitaSoftware re: modeling sw behavior.

even just for documentation - it is terrifying to me when >50% of a team’s knowledge of service behavior is stored in 6-7 senior devs’ heads

Pat LaVarre
Engineer, Pure Storage

~ Conventional testing covers less and less of what actually goes wrong ~Tipping point here now => Akita & its competitors~

Bruno Félix
CTO, Waterdog

Ultimately I think @AkitaSoftware is addressing a fundamental issue in our industry: our tools are at least one generation behind the systems we're building.I care about this because I want our industry to deliver value, with reasonable "quality", without chewing through people.

Igor Oliveira
Partner, Work and Co

@AkitaSoftware is doing a great job in the dev tools world

Japhet Parkash
Managing Partner, Radius Media

Amazing insight and a great product. Never really thought about your thought process but wondered why it took our dev team so long to integrate certain APIs when apples to apples, should be similar.

Adam Kalsey
Head of Global Developer Relations, Tricentis

Akita looks like a very good idea. Been building dev tools and APIs for 15 years. This looks super useful.

Will be watching to see where this goes.

Matt McLarty
Global Leader of API Strategy, Mulesoft

So much goodness in this podcast featuring @jeanqasaur! "Take software and shake guarantees out of it"... And focusing on the #API layer in modeling the system is the embodiment of the Maier/Rechtin heuristic, "the greatest leverage in systems architecting is at the interfaces"

J Wolfgang Goerlich
Advisory CISO, Duo Security

Catch @jeanqasaur if you can. Her API tool has my favorite feature: it makes developers happy and, as a consequence, raises the security posture.

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