Apr 26, 2022
April 1, 2022
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Manage Logs Better with Akita Logchain

Jean Yang
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Up late again debugging? Having trouble root-causing your issue?

We’ve noticed users suffering from a common thorn in their side: managing logs. Where did this log come from? Why didn’t I log this event I really wanted to log? Which logs do I want to retain in case of an incident?

Then we thought: what’s a technology that’s already popular for keeping track of records, one that’s being underutilized in the observability world? What would make us an even cooler place to work? Inspired by many of our founder friends, we’ve decided to jump on the immutable ledger bandwagon.

This April 1, we’re excited to introduce our newest product: Akita Logchain. Like many reputable fashion designers, we’ve decided to "go retro" by adapting technology from the era of Web 0.3 to the age of Web 3.0.

Introducing Akita Logchain

Akita Logchain will be the go-to solution for making sure no event of interest across your system goes unlogged—and that no log goes unattributed. The Logchain helps you by:

  • Providing proof-of-event for every event of interest
  • Including the origin of the event as part of the log
  • Making it hard to accidentally delete a log
  • Making it clear which logs you’re sharing with an untrusted party

The best part is that the Logchain does this without taking up space in your database! Read on to find out how.

See the Logchain in action

With the Logchain, every event of interest in your system will have a unique record, validated by our mascot Aki:

An Akita Logchain record.
Brennan on our team reading a log record.

Each log record contains information about the event and when it happened. To ensure integrity, log records are tamper-evident:

Clear tamper evidence.

To make sure you don’t miss a log, we ship you fresh log batches at the interval of your choosing: hourly, daily, or weekly.

A newly opened box of hourly logs.

You can read your logs individually, or put them together onto the Akita Physical Dashboard for your log-diving convenience—or if you’re having a hard time getting consensus on next steps:

Cole on our team sitting down with a coffee and a log.
The Akita Physical Dashboard.

What’s next?

Fun with the Akita Logchain.

For the rest of the day, we’ll be working hard to support your immutable physical logging needs. Look for the imminent release of Akita Leash, the open-source community supporting the Logchain. Hello, world of non-fungible event logs!

If you want to read more about our other offerings at Akita, here are a few blog posts:

If you, too, want to make life better for the log-divers out there, we’re hiring. (New positions coming out soon. Follow us on Twitter to stay updated!)

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