Feb 28, 2023
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Meet Our New API Overview Page

Lauren Rother
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We’re excited to show you our new API overview page.

What you got with Akita before

At Akita, our mission is to enable every developer, regardless of experience, codebase, or support, to quickly see what they need to know about the APIs they build and maintain.

Akita watches your API traffic to tell you about your API behavior. You get graphs, performance indicators, and other tools to explore your API as soon as you install our agent, no code changes or dashboard assembly required.

Previously, it often took a few clicks for users to answer the questions they needed. We noticed a pattern of our users (and ourselves) “just wanting to know” something general about the state of their APIs, whether that’s how much traffic Akita has seen or how latency has changed.

Meet our new API Overview page

To help you more easily understand your API behavior, we’ve made some exciting updates to our app that should help you get a very fast picture of how your APIs are doing. Our goal is to surface the high-level information you most want to know when you first log in, based on what we’ve heard you asking for and looking at in the app.

So without further ado, we present our Overview page:

Our overview page on example data.

From this page, you can:

  • see how much traffic your Akita agent is seeing,
  • track p90 over the last week,
  • track errors over the last week,
  • and get a quick overview of potential errors.

From here, you can follow links to the rest of the app to go deeper and get specifics. 

Try us out

We hope this makes your API behavior even more accessible and your work a little easier! Sign up for our beta to try us out.

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